Trakindo Supports the Advancement of Indonesian Women

News 01 May 2019

PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo), Caterpillar heavy equipment solution provider, has a corporate vision to create decent and good quality jobs for the people of Indonesia. In line with this objective, Trakindo supports and believes that women's participation in companies can have a major influence on increasing added value, competitiveness, and mutual progress.

The objective is in line with the report from McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) in 2018 which identifies companies that have a higher level of gender diversity, have an opportunity of 21% superior in profitability. The report also states that Indonesia has the opportunity to increase annual Gross Domestic Product by 9% above normal conditions in 2025 by increasing women's participation in the world of work. Thus, the support from various parties in encouraging women to continue to develop themselves and explore their potential is very much needed, as we have tried to do it through Bincang PERSpektif Trakindo.

Ferry Butarbutar, Trakindo's Human Capital Division Head explained, "Trakindo believes that gender does not limit one's career in the world of work, including in the heavy equipment industry that is identical to male workers. In fact, it was proven that female workers were able to occupy various strategic positions in Trakindo. Taking advantage of the momentum of Kartini Day commemoration, this time we want to invite Indonesian women to inspire one another and encourage them to continue working, for themselves, their families and the country."

Today’s Bincang PERSpektif Trakindo discussed the theme of "Kartini in the Heavy Equipment Industry". Kartini is known as a hero who has a strong determination to get education and advance women. The enthusiasm of emancipation echoed by Kartini was able to inspire many Indonesian women to continue to develop themselves in the various fields. This is also an encouragement for female workers in Trakindo.

Fama Flora, Trakindo’s BRAVE Team Leader said that women's thinking in the world of work can provide a different perspective that makes it have more values in work. "Besides working, I am also a mother. Sometimes my instincts as a mother are brought to the office, such as; want to always maintain the harmony and cohesiveness of the team, give more attention to things in detail, and invite the team to always develop themselves. Apparently, this makes the work more optimal, the engagement of employees is well established, so we can be more enthusiastic in contributing to achieving the company's goals," explained Flora.

Support from the company and the work environment also plays an important role in building a conducive working atmosphere for all employees. Equal treatment for every employee can certainly increase the contribution of women workers in various fields of work. Responding to this matter, Fourina Yudhasari, Standard & Resources Management Manager of Trakindo explained, "A safe and comfortable work environment is an important factor that makes me able to perform well working in an industry dominated by men, both conditions provided by the company, and gestures from colleagues that always support the work that I do without discrimination. Since I first joined until now I am trusted to oversee thousands of technicians who are mostly male. The thoughts that I voice and the decisions I make are always respected."

Ira Dhamayanti Kamal, Trakindo’s Learning & Talent Development Manager also shared her experience in optimizing women's perspectives in increasing the company's competitiveness. "We at Trakindo are committed to always meeting the needs of our customers. Not stopping here, we want to be able to do more and give customers the best satisfaction experience. As a woman who is responsible for the development of employee capabilities, I see the importance of establishing good relationships with customers, besides of course being superior on the technical side. We realize this by adding a focus on soft skills curriculum such as how to communicate effectively, make presentations, and provide consultative services to customers," said Ira.

Being one of the front lines of the company, Ade Ayu, Operator Trainer from Trakindo Palembang branch explained that self-confidence and perseverance are the main provisions to continue to develop herself. "Working in an industry dominated by male workers has its own challenges for women. However, we have the same opportunity to improve our abilities and competencies. Therefore, it is important to have a strong and unyielding spirit of learning in develop ourselves, while still maintaining identity as a woman," explained Ade.

The important role of women in the world of work, does not only provide positive contributions to themselves and the company, but also broadly to women and the progress of the nation. "We hope that this event will be able to trigger the potential and confidence of Indonesian women and Kartini in other industries to continue working enthusiatiscally without knowing despair, and developing themselves in the field of work they pursue," concluded Ferry.

In addition to sharing inspiration, participants of Bincang PERSpektif Trakindo also had the opportunity to see the world of heavy equipment closer and experience first hand how to operate the latest 20 tons type hydraulic excavator, Cat 320 Next Generation. As its name, Next Generation, this product has been equipped with a variety of future technology with the best performance in its class, which is able to provide ease of operation for its users with maximum results and more efficient fuel consumption.(PT Trakindo Utama)