As one of the biggest group of business in Indonesia, TMT is a privately owned national group of companies that engages in various line of businesses. TMT carries out its business activities based on the principles of strong core values and good corporate governance, enabling it to stay highly competitive in this global era.

Starting from 1970 with the establishment of PT Trakindo Utama as the official dealer for Caterpillar, TMT evolved to become a leading national group of companies in Indonesia. TMT was established as the ultimate parent company with a commitment to create quality employment opportunities for as many Indonesians as possible, a mission that was established at the onset by the company’s founder, AHK “Met” Hamami

A business journey spanning more than 50 years has forged TMT into a well experience nationally based parent company that acts with high integrity and business ethics in all its business activities.

TMT is fully committed to continuously improving the products and services of each of its subsidiaries, and to nurture its customer relationships by understanding their needs and providing the right business solutions. It is TMT’s belief that the success of the company fully depends on the success of its customer’s business.

Leveraging a solid foundation, TMT acts to realize the company’s vision and mission by implementing world-class standard Corporate Governance, and upholding the company’s core values which have been implemented and understood by all aspects of the Company, namely Integrity, Continuous Development, Excellence, Proactive, Accountability and Teamwork. In parallel, TMT also carries out social and environmental programs in a programmed and structured manner, as an embodiment of its concern for, and corporate responsibility towards all stakeholders.