PT Trakindo Utama

PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) is a subsidiary of TMT which was founded on 23 December 1970 by A.H.K. Hamami. Trakindo's journey began on April 13 1971, when Trakindo was appointed as the official dealer for Caterpillar, the largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines in the world. Caterpillar is also widely known as a reliable equipment manufacturer in the mining, forestry, plantation and construction industries.

After more than 50 years of journey, Trakindo positions itself as a company that is oriented towards service quality and prioritizes customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, Trakindo always works hard to become a trusted partner who is able to provide real benefits in supporting customer progress. With the support of the most complete and best facilities in Indonesia, as well as an extensive network of more than 70 branches spread from Sabang to Merauke, Trakindo guarantees the availability of spare parts anywhere, according to customer needs. Apart from that, Trakindo is also able to provide world-class services to its customers who are very diverse and spread across various sectors, including mining, construction, forestry, plantations, oil and gas, marine, and other strategic industrial sectors.

With a strong commitment to be a driving force in advancing and prioritizing stakeholders in achieving goals and sustainable success, Trakindo has grown as an international provider of Cat® heavy equipment.

Apart from serving sales, Trakindo also provides heavy equipment rental needs through 9 Rental Stores spread throughout Indonesia. This rental service is part of the solution that Trakindo provides to its customers. As an effort to continue to improve the competency and quality of its technicians, Trakindo has established several Training Centers (TC), all of which have received accreditation and even awards from Caterpillar. From this TC, Trakindo has produced many skilled workers who are ready to work and support loyal Trakindo customers throughout Indonesia. Not only that, Trakindo also has an S O S Fluid Analysis laboratory which provides a periodic maintenance program to determine the condition of the machine and its supporting components by checking the condition of the fluid in the machine unit.

Trakindo also offers services to extend the life of Cat equipment through Machine Rebuild Center (MRC) and Component Rebuild Center (CRC) facilities. MRC provides certified rebuild services for customers' Cat heavy equipment so that the machine's working life can be extended far beyond the working life of other heavy equipment. Meanwhile, CRC is specifically designed to support a faster completion process with lower component rebuild costs, while still producing high quality products through increased reusability.

On October 1 2013, Trakindo officially purchased distribution rights and took over assets belonging to PT Bucyrus Indonesia which consisted of inventory, tooling, business contracts and some of its employees. It is hoped that the appointment of these employees will further strengthen Trakindo's position in providing world-class solutions and services for its customers, especially those operating in the mining sector. This step is an important part of Trakindo's long journey in providing the best.

In 2018, Trakindo established Trakindo Leste, Unipessoal, LDA as a Trakindo dealer representative operating in Timor Leste, where Trakindo owns 100% (one hundred percent) share ownership. In 2019, Trakindo again implemented a business development strategy by acquiring PT Tri Swardhana Utama (TSU), as the official SEM Heavy Equipment dealer in Indonesia. SEM Heavy Equipment is manufactured by Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Limited, as part of the Caterpillar Global Brand. These steps have strengthened Trakindo's position as a leading company that is able to identify opportunities and growth potential that can increase the Company's profitability.

Then starting September 2021, PT Trakindo Utama was appointed as a distributor for aggregate solutions in Indonesia by Metso Outotec. Since then PT Trakindo Utama has also continued to develop its business, especially in capturing agricultural business prospects by providing all types of crushers, both track-mounted and wheel-mounted. mounted and stationary along with vibrating equipment, crusher spare parts and screening media, as well as commissioning and after-sales services, without exception technical support and service contracts for quarries and aggregate contractors in Indonesia.

To provide easy access for customers, Trakindo has presented the Trakindo Call Center via 1-500-228 (1-500-CAT) and email which operates 24 hours as a solution for serving product-related questions and technical support. , service information, ordering spare parts, and receiving input from customers. Apart from that, Trakindo owns the Services Command Center (SCC) and Marine Command Center (MCC) to meet various customer needs.