To be the best managed and leading organization in our chosen strategic industrial sector.

  • The Best Managed Organization

An organization that continually operates at the highest level of business performances, guided by its highly Professional and highly Competent management team capable in articulating and consistently executing its Strategic Vision to deliver its commitments to all Stakeholders.

  • Leading Organization

An organization that consistently becomes the “Top of Mind” within their associated industries and/or businesses, highly respected by its clients to become a partner with and capable to continuously attracts and develops the best talents from various industries.

  • Chosen Strategic-Industrial Sector

Operates in strategically-chosen industries that will enable the company to grow its business organically and in-organically, while at the same time provides the TMT Group to grow synergistically along with other subsidiaries within the Group.


We were established with a commitment to create equality employment opportunities for as many Indonesians as possible, as such our mission is to:

  • To continually create meaningful and challenging job opportunities for as many Indonesians as possible.

  • To ensure sustainable and profitable growth that maximizes shareholder value.

  • To provide value-added solutions that will optimize customer satisfaction.

  • To actively engage within communities as good corporate citizen.