The Brand Evolution

  • Starting from PT Trakindo Utama, the original foundation of TMT, PT Trakindo Utama subsequently grew and established several subsidiary companies.

  • In year 2000, through a restructuring process, TMT was formed as a new holding company to oversee its subsidiary companies, creating a group of organizations or a “Clan”.

  • As the parent company, TMT became the “Tiara” or the Crown Jewel of Marga Trakindo, giving rise to a new identity named Tiara Marga Trakindo, representing the crowning point of the Trakindo family of businesses.

  • These three aspects, namely Tiara, Marga, and Trakindo, are unified in synergy, becoming single entity which symbolizes the aspirations of the TMT Group to achieve the best business results with integrity, character, and vision as part of its brand representation.

The Color

  • The color yellow represents Trakindo as TMT’s original foundation. It is balanced by sky blue, a combination of the bluish spectra of Chandra Sakti Utama Leasing, ABM Investama, and Mahadana Dasha Utama’s purple and green.

  • The result of this harmonious TMT combination radiates openness, dynamism, humility, and perfect attunement. The color spectrum of symbolizes the range and depth of experience that TMT possesses

The Font

  • Neo Sans typography was chosen for the logo due to its refined curvature and modern yet humble appearance.

  • This font was then modified to further enhance and strengthen the creative and dynamic elements, elements that symbolize TMT.