In the process of building a strong corporate identity and reputation towards achieving competitive superiority, TMT always safeguards, upholds, and implements the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in every business.

GCG is believed to be a critical element as the foundation for good growth and the long-term sustainability of its Group of businesses. Starting from this philosophy, the Group strives to continually build and improve its GCG procedures, by holding fast to five main GCG principles: Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independency, and Fairness (TARIF).


TMT openly provides information in its financial statements, annual report, and other relevant information in an accurate, clear, and timely manner to shareholders as well as stakeholders.


TMT ensures that accountability is clearly established for every decision contained within strategic actions to be undertaken, and that these decisions are contained within performance measurement reports, accountability reports, and internal control reports as a tangible form of accountability.


TMT carries out its responsibilities with reference to the principle of compliance with regulations in force, in order to give additional attention to the community and environment.


TMT carries out all activities in an independent and professional manner in the absence of conflicts of interest, pressure, or intervention from any parties whatsoever which are not in accordance with prevailing regulations.


TMT fulfills the rights of all shareholders with fair and equal weighting.

Good Corporate Governance practices that are in alignment with regulatory laws and business ethics have been internalized in every employee’s attitude, behaviour, thought patterns and way of working as reflected in the company's core values namely Integrity, Continuous Development, Excellence, Proactive, Accountability, and Teamwork. GCG implementation is carried out and supported at the very top by the Board of Commissioners of each subsidiary as well as by the TMT Board of Commissioners, supported by various policies and guidelines including Code of Ethics & Conduct, Board Manual, Company's Regulation, Company Policies and Procedures, as well as a whistle blowing system.

Ensuring proper implementation of the above in accordance with current conditions, various systems of checks and balances, including external verification as well as risk management systems and internal control systems, have been formulated in line with international standard best practices to ensure the sustainability and continuity of the TMT Group and each business unit.