PT Mahadana Dasha Utama

Developing the Group's portfolio through strategic industrial diversification.

Established in 2010 as a subsidiary of the Tiara Marga Trakindo (TMT) Group, MahaDasha (PT Mahadana Dasha Utama) plays a vital role in managing the Group's diverse portfolio. Led by experienced professionals, MahaDasha optimizes subsidiary income and balances the TMT Group's business landscape.

By providing value-added services, MahaDasha empowers each subsidiary to grow profitably and sustainably, ultimately increasing shareholder value and fostering expansion.

Their focus spans across integrated transportation solutions, financial leasing, tire solutions, IT solutions, and property, with further ventures into consumer retail, hospitality, and FMCG industries.
MahaDasha oversees a network of successful subsidiaries:

  • PT Chakra Jawara (CJ)

  • PT Chitra Paratama (Chitra)

  • PT Roda Nusantara GTJ (RODA)

  • PT Mitra Solusi Telematika (MST)

  • PT Triyasa Propertindo (Triyasa)

  • PT Wiryamanta Sadina (WS)

Additionally, MahaDasha manages two key TMT subsidiaries:

  • PT Chandra Sakti Utama Leasing: offering comprehensive financing solutions.

  • PT Halla Mohana: operating in hospitality, focusing on mall and hotel development.

Through strategic diversification, MahaDasha drives the TMT Group's portfolio forward, building a thriving ecosystem of businesses for the future.