Trakindo Begins “Cat Global Operator Challenge” in Indonesia

News 22 Jul 2019

Operator is one of the most important elements of success in operation industry that involves heavy equipments. The more reliable an operator is in operating heavy equipment, will bring greater impact on work productivity. PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo), Cat heavy equipment solution provider, started the search event for the best heavy equipment operator in Indonesia called Cat Global Operator Challenge in Banjarmasin, that will soon follow up to take place in 4 other cities, which are Makassar, Yogyakarta, Palembang and with the final round in Jakarta.

Derry Afifudin Adiwijaya - Marketing Communication Manager Trakindo said that this Cat Global Operator Challenge search event is a part of Trakindo’s commitment in supporting heavy equipment operators achievement in Indonesia. “Through this competition, we hope to encourage the spirit of the Indonesian operators, especially in Banjarmasin, to continuously improve their quality and ability in operating heavy equipment and increase work productivity,” said Derry.

In this competition, various challenges were prepared to prove the participants’ reliability. Heavy equipment operators’ abilities were challenged in the fields of precision, speed, mentality toughness, flexibility and ability to utilize integrated technological features to increase performance by using different kinds of Cat’s heavy equipment, while maintaining workplace safety procedures.

Responding to the opportunity of heavy equipment operators based in Banjarmasin in this competition, Immawan Priyambudi - General Manager Southern Kalimantan Trakindo is optimistic that heavy equipment operators in Indonesia, especially in Banjarmasin, have reliable abilities and can compete with worldwide best heavy equipment operators. “Various heavy equipment needs in Banjarmasin region starting from coal mining, plantation, to development of infrastructure, have made Banjarmasin operators to be well trained and able to adapt quickly and adjust to field condition,” explained Immawan.

This competition is a part of Cat Global Operator Challenge that is held by Caterpillar on a worldwide level. The best contestant on national level will represent Indonesia in a regional final which will be held in Japan on November 2019. Contestants who successfully pass that round will participate in global final which will be held in Conexpo-Con/Agg, Las Vegas, United States of America, in March 2020.

The  Banjarmasin Operator Challenge was started with a Trakindo Roadshow the day before. This event introduced the new 30 ton class hydraulic excavator Next Generation, which is Cat 330 GC and Cat 330, that is equipped with various futuristic technology, making it more reliable, productive, powerful, yet with efficient fuel usage. “The presence of this newest product is a part of Trakindo’s commitment in giving the best solution for the customers, which is expected to contribute to the improvement in the nation’s development,” concluded Derry.

Cat 330 GC

Cat 330 GC is equipped with a larger heavy-duty bucket, which is 2.1m3, thus producing stronger digging power. This product also has stronger engine power than its previous generation, 212HP, and produces a faster cycle time with the swing speed of 11.5RPM.

The technology embedded in Cat 330 GC unit can reduce its maintenance cost by up to 20% and its repair time by up to 30%. It is also more fuel-efficient up to 10% than its predecessor.

Cat 330

Compared to its predecessor, Cat 330 has a bigger power of 260HP, larger swing, and larger counterweight torque. In addition, it has the largest standard bucket size in its class of 2.4m3, increasing the lifting capacity for up to 15%. The Cat 330 is also more fuel-efficient for up to 15%.

The technology equipped in this product is also completed with Cat Connect feature, increasing the operational efficiency for up to 45% and is supported by the cutting-edge features; such as Cat Grade with 2D, Cat Lift Assist, Cat Grade with Assist, Cat Payload, and E-Fence that can automatically stop the excavator movements based on predetermined limits. This feature can also increase the operator's confidence when working near obstacles.

In order to provide the best service for customers, Trakindo also has world-class facilities to ensure the convenience of its loyal customers. Trakindo's support network located in more than 60 locations is ready to serve customers throughout Indonesia. Customers can also contact Trakindo Contact Center 1-500-228 (1-500-CAT) which operates 24 hours and is integrated with Services Command Center. (PT Trakindo Utama)