Becoming a provider of consumer financing services.
PT Radana Bhaskara Finance Tbk.

PT Radana Bhaskara Finance, Tbk. (Radana Finance), previously known as PT HD Finance, Tbk., is an Indonesia-based company that engages in consumer financing activities, specifically two-wheeled vehicles. With the development of multi-finance business going forward, Radana Finance is in the midst of capitalizing on opportunities to provide financing for four-wheeled vehicle and others.

Radana Finance is headquartered in Jakarta with more than 30 branches distributed across various cities in Indonesia. Equipped with experience, human capital, and the strong support of TMT Group, Radana Finance is ready to achieve its objective of becoming the leading financing company in Indonesia.

Good relationships with customers and business partners will further strengthen Radana Finance's success as a reliable financing company that cares as a friend should.

In parallel, Radana Finance will continue to maintain its service excellence, and strengthen corporate governance. Through these strategies, Radana Finance intends to deliver returns to the Company's stakeholders as well as giving benefit to thousands of customers all over Indonesia.

Becoming a provider of consumer financing services.

Radana Finance was established in 1972 under the name PT Indonesia Lease Corporation (Indo Lease), before changing name to PT Pradityatama Leasing Partners (1988), PT Commercial Leasing Corporation (1995), PT Commercial Leasing (2000), and PT Indovest Finance Commercial (2001). In 2005 it registered as HD Finance to provide consumer financing for new and secondhand motorcycles. After more than 40 years in business, in 2011 HD Finance carried out its Initial Public Offering (IPO), listing on the Indonesia Stock Exchange under ticker code HDFA.

In 2013, 55% of HD Finance shares were acquired by TMT from the previous controlling shareholders, PT HD Corpora and Wealth Paradise Holdings Limited. Following this acquisition, new synergies arose between the founding and controlling shareholders, PT Tiara Marga Trakindo (TMT) with Orang Tua Group as the founding shareholder of the Company. HD Finance then changed its name to PT Radana Bhaskara Finance and overhauled its brand and logo to reflect its new vision and mission.

Under TMT Group ownership, the business of Radana Finance began to grow swiftly and innovatively.

Going forward, Radana Finance will leverage its strong foundations to proactively explore and expand its other line of businesses, in order to achieve its vision of being the leading and most trusted financing company in Indonesia.