The sole dealer
in Indonesia
for Caterpillar products & solutions.
PT Trakindo Utama

Over a long and proud journey spanning more than 40 years, Trakindo has grown into an established company with an important role in driving industrial growth in Indonesia.

PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) is a subsidiary of PT Tiara Marga Trakindo (TMT) which was established by AHK “Met” Hamami on December 23, 1970. It was appointed as the official sole dealer for Caterpillar on April 13, 1971. Caterpillar is the world’s biggest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, as well as industrial gas turbines. The brand is a byword for reliable, high performance equipment in the mining, forestry, plantation, and construction industries.

Trakindo is a leading company that providing its customers with world class solutions for mutual business continuity. Trakindo becomes a trusted partner able to deliver valuable benefits by supporting our customers’ success.

With an extensive national network of more than 60 branches from Sabang to Merauke, Trakindo is able to provide world-class service to its customers and guarantee availability of spare parts and services wherever customers need it. Now Trakindo serves customers in mining, construction, forestry, plantation, oil and gas, marine and other industrial sectors.

In addition, Trakindo offers equipment rentals through 13 Rental Stores distributed across Indonesia, providing an alternative solution for customers.

Trakindo operates several Caterpillar accredited and certified Training Centers to continually improve the quality of its technicians. Through these Training Centers, Trakindo have produced highly skilled labors ready for employment and to support loyal Trakindo customers across Indonesia.

Moreover, Trakindo provides regular maintenance services and laboratory analysis through its SOS Fluid Analysis Laboratory for optimal equipment performance.

Trakindo has adopted the 6Sigma concept in its work processes. The 6Sigma concept was first implemented in Trakindo in 2002. Since then, it has been implemented in various operational aspects of the Company. Today, Black Belts and Green Belts personnel, certified experts in the 6Sigma method, are continuously pioneering steps to achieve perfection in every project handled to create high quality work.

As a form of corporate social responsibility, in 1996 Trakindo established the Nayakatama Foundation to provide scholarships for employees’ children who excel. In addition, working together with the government since 1996, the foundation has pioneered a heavy equipment training program in 10 Vocational Schools (SMK) and 5 polytechnics in Indonesia. During the course of its journey, the foundation changed its name to Lembaga Bantuan Pendidikan Mitratama in 2007. Since 2013, Trakindo has directly overseen this program.

To commemorate its 40 years of establishment in 2010, Trakindo launched “Bantuan Pendidikan 40 Sekolah Dasar Negeri” program. This is a continuous assistance program for education in the form of school renovation, teachers training, and scholarship for underprivileged students. Trakindo’s concern for education stems from the founder’s aspirations of building a company able to provide quality job opportunities for as many deserving and outstanding Indonesians as possible. Trakindo also conducts various community empowerment programs in several Indonesian regions hit with natural disasters such as Mentawai, Nias, Yogyakarta, and others.

By effectively maintaining sustainable relationships with all stakeholders, leveraging global technology, and implementing effective governance and internal control systems, Trakindo is able to sustainably grow and maintain its profits.