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Sewatama Supports Drama Musical "Laskar Pelangi"

Drama Musical “Laskar Pelangi” which performed in Theater Jakarta, Taman Ismail Marzuki for three weeks, beginning December 17, 2010 until January 9, 2011, presented a credible success that was believed will give a new standard of art industry in Indonesia. The musical was an adaptation of the very popular novel "Laskar Pelangi" by Andrea Hirata showed an extraordinary musicality and filled with meaning and inspiration.

Musical grandeur that was produced by Mira Lesmana and Toto Arto, were presented by the talented director Riri Riza, Jay Subiakto for artistic stage, Hartati as a director of choreography and  accompanied with Erwin Gutawa Orchestra. The feeling of watching the musical as good as Rainbow Troops is like we were in the Broadway Theatre New York. Sewatama is proud to be a part of the sponsors, who help the realization of performances by many considered to be very spectacular.

The story of Laskar Pelangi begins with a friendship of  10 children that are studying in a ramshackle school Muhammadiyah in Kampoong Gantong,  Belitung Island.  Under the guidance of a dedicated teacher like Bu Muslimah and the headmaster Pak Harfan, the children have a bitter live but still try to manage with great joy. They dare to dream of changing their life to be better than their olders who only become coolies in PN Timah. The story contains the values of education, moral, spiritual and universal. Beautiful life full of togetherness, honesty, modesty, never give up attitude, tenacity, and patience is the ideal human values Indonesia supports the success of this show.

Sewatama decisions to become a part of the success of this musical performance Laskar Pelangi is right, the values of the show is related to value of the firm and its internal processes. Starting from the process of recruitment of talented and professional employees to carry out a detailed work processes supported by hard work, tenacity, the vision, mission and a powerful dream, so we believe that we are capable of reaching our dreams to become better . And support provided by Sewatama as sponsors in addition to a little more help realize the show was also a year-end gift for its largest customers, PT PLN (Persero) by providing a ticket to watch the show for leaders of PLN from Jakarta and the regions. Noted several directors and senior managers of PLN and their families taking the time to watch and respond very positively to the Sewatama.

Having watched more than 25,000 people from schoolchildren to the minister and the President, the success of the show and the many requests from people who have not had time to watch, especially people from outside Jakarta raises Mira Lesmana desire to repeat the "Musical Rainbow Warriors" on vacation in July 2011. And Sewatama also not hesitate to go back to support this extraordinary show. It would be an excellent initiative for the TMT Group as a whole if it can provide support for a successful show and hope to inspire all citizens and also customers for daring to dream to become better.